Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Saturday

I have a little secret to tell you. When I was growing up in the south I had the biggest crush on a guy who worked at Shoney's. I didn't drive at the time, so every Friday night I would make my mom take me there for dinner and dessert. I would order the ham and cheese and then a big piece of strawberry pie. I loved their pie and not because the guy I had a crush on said that I was a sweet as the pie but because it was the best in the world. So, feeling kind of nostalgic for the pie (not the guy cause he turned out to be kind of jerky) I looked up a recipe for Shoney's Strawberry Pie. Oh boy! This pie does not disappoint! It's just as I remember. This pie makes me happy.

Shoney's Strawberry Pie
1 c. sugar
1 c. water
Dash of salt
6 tsp. cornstarch
6 tsp. strawberry Jello
1 qt. strawberries
1 baked pie shell

For the pie shell, you could make your own pie crust. I bought the store made and cooked according to package.Put pie shell into the refrigerator so it will cool down. You want it completely cold to the touch.

In a sauce pan, combine sugar, cornstarch and salt, add water and cook at a medium low heat. Cook until the syrup is clear and thick.
 Take the pan off the stove and mix in Jello. Stir until completely dissolved. Allow it to cool
While the mixture is cooling, clean, hull and cut up strawberries.
Once the mixture is cool, mix in the strawberries.
Pour into cold baked pie shells
Refrigerate for 2 hours.
Throw some whip cream on that puppy and serve!

From the first bite, I was in heaven. The tartness mixed with the sweet brought me back to that booth at Shoney's. Only this time, I got the Prince Charming instead of the dud. 


Becky said...

Heeheee - the guy at Shoney's! We had the cleanest car in town my sophomore year in High School cause I had a rush on a guy who worked at the Car Wash!

That pie looks wonderful! I miss Shoney's and their all you can eat buffet!

Bascom Hogue said...

This post made me laugh and feel good.