Monday, June 28, 2010

Doggone Great Movies!

I am such a sucker when it comes to movies about animals, especially ones about pups. I will even watch those horrible talking animal films. As long as it has a cute little animal in it-I will watch it and cry at the right times-just like the director wanted. Yep, I am a SUCK-ER for sappy animal movies.

The most recent movie that had me in tears and wanting to adopt every dog on the planet is Hotel For Dogs. I know what you are thinking-Seriously Pam? Really? Let me explain why I was in tears. We had just lost Kato and I made the dumb decision to rent a dog movie cause the lead pup looks like Lola. Well, that alone made me think of Lola and Kato playing together and thus the waterworks started. The movie is a kid friendly movie about two orphans and their little Jack Russell Terrier. One dog leads to another and eventually an abandoned building turns into a hotel for strays. Waterworks will follow in this sweet "No Dog Left Behind" movie.

I remember seeing Benji as a little kid and crying my eyes out because he didn't have a home. Then he got one and then he became a stray again. As a 4 year old, I knew I was the only person who understood Benji and wanted to take care of him. Benji is a stray dog who helps two kidnapped kids escape from their captors. Of course this movie started a whirlwind of Benji movies and TV shows, then then the lunchboxes followed. I never got my Benji lunchbox, instead my mom thought a Donnie and Marie lunchbox would be better. Thanks for the therapy mom!

My friend grew up in a family that participated in dog shows and swears that Best In Show is a true and accurate portrayal of the business. As everyone was laughing it up, she was shaking her head and screaming, "If you only knew!" The story is a mockumentary about several people heading to the biggest dog show in the United States. This is a classic Christopher Guest movie with the wonderful cast of characters that we have come to know from his films. There have been many times that I will walk up to OMP and say, "Pine nuts, Macadamia nuts." He loves me.

There are SO many more dog movies out there. Some great tear jerkers are-of course Old Yeller, My Dog Skip (I can not watch this movie at ALL). Some classics that have been updated-101 and 102 Dalmations (I have seen them so many times, they are banned in the Casa de Pedersen) and then the great buddy movie with Turner and Hooch, Homeward Bound and Eight Below.  No matter what your style is, grab your best furry friend, snuggle in on the couch and enjoy a doggone great movie. See what I did there? Doggone? Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Lola thought it was funny. 


Kyra said...

Adorable post! My doggy is going through some rough time so if I watch these movies I'll probably end up going for the tissues too. Animal movies with happy endings make me happy :)

Trees said...

I love love love best in show!

What about Milo & Otis ^^

Becky said...

I refuse to knowingly watch a tear jerker!!! But I'll watch "Best in Show" a gazillions times and laugh just as hard each time!!

Our Petey the Boston Terrier likes Law and Order re-runs and the Sci-Fi Channel ;)

Drucilla said...

i love Best in Show too and pooch flicks in general! btw have you seen this one?

Anonymous said...

Best in Show is one of my favourite movies ever! In fact, I think I know what I'm watching tonight!
Hubby and I also "name nuts" at each other randomly :D