Friday, February 3, 2012

Feel Good Friday!

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It's Friday! Raise your hands in the air! Whoot! Whoot! Time to get my party on and by party, I mean relaxing on the couch and snuggling with OMP and the pups. Oh yeah! I know how to get down and get funky.

 So September created the cutest superhero patterns. I'm in love! You can get your free pattern at her website. 

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I hear that a few of you still aren't doing pinterest yet. Let me tell you-it's absolutely addicting, a complete waste of time and I love it! Be careful, you will be sucked in. The plus side is that I have made many of the recipes I've found there and a lot of them are keepers. I've also made a bunch of crafts that I've pinned and met some new friends.

Do you have a valentine picked our for your sweetie or maybe for yourself cause you know you gotta give some mad love and props to cute little you. I've been trying to find the perfect thing for OMP. Right now this is all I got, but let's face it, he is da bomb! (I know right now he is telling me to never say that again) You can make your own bomb over at Skip To My Lou. Check out their other valentine ideas-so stinking cute!

Speaking of stinking cute, while most of the United States is gearing up for the Super Bowl, over at Casa de Pedersen, we are getting ready for the Puppy Bowl. EEEPPPP!!!!!!

Puppies, OMP bombs, stitching and pinterest...sounds like the perfect weekend to me! The sun is shining and I need to get out there an enjoy it before mother nature realizes she screwed up the seasons. Have a great Friday!

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

~Author Unknown

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