Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

Oh my goodness! What a weekend it has been for Ms. Lola! She went in for surgery Friday morning and came home Friday night with less teeth. We are very lucky that there was no infection or damage in her jaw.

Now for the really good news, Lola has turned into a puppy again! She is acting like a dog half her age, even after having major surgery two days ago. This morning she was wanting to play with Jujube and chase squirrels.

Our main concern was her being put under and how stressful it would be. She came through it like a champ!

Casa de Pedersen wants to thank Dr. Holmes and SE Animal Hospital for taking such good care of my little girl and give her a new lease on life.


Digital Misfit said...

Big hugs to that gorgeous old gal! I am so happy that she came out of surgery and is ready to be a pup again.

LimeRiot said...

She's lookin' great! I'm sure she feels a hundred times better now. I know it was scary but you guys did the right thing for Ms Lola.

Unknown said...

Yay Lola!! So glad to hear she is doing well!