Monday, February 6, 2012

An Open Letter to the Hallmark Channel-Part Two

Dear Hallmark Channel,

Since you refused to respond to my previous letter,  you gave me no choice but to write you again. This time I need to address your Valentine movies or should I say LACK of Valentine movies. Don't you realize that you are a CARD COMPANY? It's your job to cram Valentine's Day down our throats. I mean c'mon, recycled love stories from 4 years ago. Shame on you Hallmark, for shame....

Now I will give you a thumbs up for making another western with Luke Perry. The first Luke Perry western was your highest rated made for TV movie ever! I find that hard to believe since you made a movie with Sam Elliott and the ladies love Sam, but whatever, skew your numbers to your whim.

Another thing, where are the Valentine cartoons? There has to be some ridiculous 80's cartoon in that Hallmark vault of yours, or better yet, how about another cartoon about a sad puppy no one wants. That story worked wonders for you at Christmas.

In these hard times, Hallmark, we need sappy love stories. We need over the top, mushy, if I hear "I love you" one more time I will puke movies. Show us the stuff that would melt a convict's heart. We NEED it!

So, in conclusion. We need love. We need sappy. We need you, Hallmark, to step up your game and give us sugary sweetness.


A loyal fan.

PS-Cancelling The Martha Stewart Show?-not a very swift move at all Hallmark, not good at all! But hey, since you are cancelling her, you got any of those extra iPads she keeps giving away hanging around? Just thought I'd ask.

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HSG said...

Here, here Pam! This holiday is Hallmark's bread and butter.