Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OMP Loves Me

OMP and I went to the store over the weekend. In the car, one of my favorite songs played on the radio.

Me: Turn it up! I love this song! PAMELA! PAMELAAAAAAAA
OMP: The song is Panama, not Pamela, sweetheart.
Me: Really? I think I know my own name, the song is called Pamela
OMP: Seriously? It's Van Halen's Panama!
Me: You're just jealous that they didn't write a song about you.
OMP: Yeah, that's it and they didn't write a song about your name either! It's PANAMA!
Me: Whateves, I'm sticking to my version. PAMELA!
OMP: Stop singing.

And just when you think I couldn't get to OMP anymore, we walked into the store and see a rug that would be perfect for our living room and it's a great price!

Me: Look honey! It's perfect for our living room.
OMP: I wonder how big it is.
Me: Well, it's that big (as I proceed to pull the rug out from the rack and show him)
Blank stare from the OMP
Me: You don't have to yell dear, I'm right here. If you wanted the dimensions, you should have said so, you asked how big it was. Hey! Where are you going? Are we getting the rug or not?

(for the record, I know the song is Panama, I just love getting to OMP...I'm evil that way)


HSG said...

LOL! David Lee is so weird. They are touring and putting out a new album (CD).

Unknown said...

I know! He creeps me out! I can't believe I used to think he was hot when I was a teenager.

spidermom said...

heehee i'll never hear that song the same again!

LimeRiot said...

I like your version better, Pam!! PAMMEELLLLAAA!!

I also think your version of seeing the size of the rug is a good way to go. Who knows how big 4' really is anyway?? :)

Denise said...

That song is totally about you and you are even in the video arent you? I thought I saw you with the black fishnets on...LOL. Now you can tell him you were even in the video, that will get him going. I love to do the same thing with my hubby when we go to the store. I usually get that look, you know the one I'm talking about LOL.