Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the Air

Who's getting all smoochy smoochy? You're right! ME! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I've got my lips puckered for a sweet kiss from my OMP. To get you in the mood, I've picked my favorite romantic movies.

Over the weekend,I got a chance to watch one of my favorite romantic comedies, The Awful Truth. My favorite actor is in the movie- Asta from the Thin Man movies. Gah, I love that little pooch. Cary Grant and Irene Dunn star in this quirky romance as a couple on the verge of divorce. I'm sure you can guess what happens next. Yes, it's predictable and I can forgive it for that because it's so hysterical.

I asked OMP what his favorite romantic comedy was. After getting over the "look" he decided that Grosse Point Blank was his favorite. Let's see...hitman comes back home for high school reunion, tries to win the girl back and not shoot anyone. Yep, lots of romance there. I will give it to OMP, the soundtrack is amazing and the laughs are pretty big.

My last pick for some laughs and love is Tammy and The Bachelor. I'll admit that I am a huge Debbie Reynolds fan. She is so adorable but tough as nails. In this film, she plays a backwoods hillbilly that saves a fine southern gentleman from a plane crash. Long story short, love prevails and the moonshine flows.

Awww is in the air and in your DVD player. Throw these videos on, pour a little champagne and let the love flow. Your sweetie will be putty in your hands. Trust me....I know about love and laughing. I'm an expert at both.

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Angie said...

I love The Awful Truth. Great, great choice! And i love Asta!

I like your style.