Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Like Stuff: An Honest Review of Loreal's Pore Vanisher

A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out in my backyard, reading magazines while the dogs were running around like mad little monsters and came across a reader's poll article. Everyone voted Loreal Pore Vanisher as the best primer for make up. I have never ever been one of the those people that use all the different primers, spritzes and such for my makeup. I mean, I love beauty products but really. c'mon! Just throw some concealer on, foundation, a little powder and blush, and you are ready to go. A lot of women my age (cough, 44, cough) said they used it to even out their make up and it smoothed out lines. Hmmmm...."okay," I thought to myself, I will give it a whirl. I checked out reviews from other sites and they were equally as positive. Now here are my two cents. 

Loreal Pore Vanisher is just that. It supposedly instantly diminishes the look of pores on your face. It absorbs shine for 8 hours and gives your skin a nice smooth finish (one person said that their skin looked almost photoshopped). You can use it both at night and before you put on your makeup or just alone. Over time, it is supposed to diminish large pores. 

The Pros:
  • I LOVE the way it makes my skin feel. It really does give a nice smooth finished look to my skin. Right now I am sporting freckles from the sun and it doesn't hide them but it smooths out my skin tone. My makeup isn't splotchy. 
  • The price is pretty good for what it does. I paid 20.00 for mine but just found in on Amazon for 15.50 with the opportunity to get it lower with a subscription. This price fits great into my budget. 
  • I have combination skin and do lay out in the sun, the Pore Vanisher has not dried my skin out at all.
  • It doesn't feel heavy on your skin, it blends well.  

The Cons:
  • I haven't noticed my pores reducing in size, but I haven't been using it for very long and honestly, my pores aren't that big. 
  • It doesn't have sunscreen in it.

Bottom Line:

I am really impressed by this product and it is the perfect primer for makeup or just on its own. It makes my skin feel wonderful and it evens out any funky tones. The price is affordable and it is perfect for women of any age. It fills in acne scars and, I use it around my eyes, so it fills in a little bit of my wrinkles. There is minimal fragrance. I would be cautious about sensitive skin, I did read reviews where some people said it caused more break outs. It does have a slight tint and I'm still trying to figure out if the tint blends with my skin-I think it disappears but once I put my foundation on, I'm not 100% sure. 

Next week we move out of the beauty world and into the kitchen. Stay tuned for more honest reviews! 

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Unknown said...

Hmm i may need to give this a try as my skin...well, it's ahot mess frankly. Thanks!