Friday, August 1, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Look at you! Making it to Friday, all on your own! Give yourself a big smooch in the mirror, cause you deserve it! Let's see what I have in my bag of tricks to make this Friday extra special. 

Do you need some life lessons? Why not take the advice from a 90 year old woman? Hey! She has been around the block and back a couple of times, I'm pretty sure she knows what she is talking about. Popsugar has this amazing lifestyle article entitled, 45 Life Lessons Written by a "90 Year old Woman." Here's the first secret, the woman isn't 90, she's in her 50's. After being diangosed with breast cancer, Regina Brett penned these lessons. The lessons took a life of their own. She's not mad about it, just glad that she touched so many lives. 

I know summer is now on the downside but we can still celebrate the Summer of No Pants. First, get your minds out of the gutter. Second, this has nothing to do with the naked bike ride that zoomed by my house earlier this year. The Summer of No Pants is all about creating skirts, dresses and shorts to wear during the summer. Marigold at Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky has various patterns, inspiration and a newsletter to help you celebrate no pants this summer. Maybe I will finish the summer with no pants. It would be a bit cooler than jeans, that's for sure! 

And because it has been WAY WAY WAY too long, here's a puppy for you. This is Linus, he was a ball boy for the U.S. Open. You can read about his adventures on the Fluffington Post. I can barely get my dogs to stop barking at the doorbells on TV. 

Well, there ya go! Some good advice, a chance to sew and not wear pants and a cute (and smart!) puppy dog. Nice to see that my Fridays are back to normal. I hope you have a fabu weekend! Get out there an enjoy the weather or if that's not your thing, sit in your room and write poetry...both are entertaining! 

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Unknown said...

Oh how I've missed Feel Good Fridays!!