Friday, August 8, 2014

Feel Good Friday

via poet, Erin Hanson 

It's is Friday! YAHOO! We have made it to the weekend! We ROCK! 

I am a huge advocate of rescue dogs. Even if you are looking for a specific breed, there is a rescue out there. We are associated with two rescues that are dear to our heart, the first being The Jack Russell Rescue of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Their organization does so much in helping Jack Russell Terriers. They really go beyond what is necessary to make sure that Jacks are placed in great homes, with people who understand the behavior. They offer great advice in training your JRT.

The second organization is Underdog Railroad Rescue. This is where Iggy is from. This organization is wonderful, but if you want a quick dog fix, this place is not for you and I'm glad of that! They take their time placing each dog they have (mainly smaller breeds). We had several home visits, two meet and greets and even necessary medical precautions before Iggy came home. The whole process took over a month but it was well worth it. They want to make sure that each pup is placed in the right home. PS, while looking through all the success pics to find ours, I was in tears with all the happy dogs who found homes. PPS-Lola is not pictured because she was the crankiest dog ever and decided that she would "be in her trailer."

Both are in need of adoptive parents. If you can not adopt, then they also need foster families and if that is out of your ability, then please give. Rescues can not operate on love alone. They need funding. Even the smallest donation, means a ton to a rescue organization.

I have become obsessed with building a fort in my craft room. I want a little area that I can read, relax, stitch and feel like a kid hiding away in my own little world. I have  few ideas in mind-I am in love with this room from designer Justina Blakeney on Design Sponge. 

I LOVE Free Vintage They have public domain ads and posters that you can download for free! From advertising to sports, you can find just about any public domain vintage art work there.

You're welcome....

Well cats and kittens, that's it for me! I am off to enjoy the sun, the pups and maybe a dip in the pool. The world is calling my name and I have to answer! 

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Cate Anevski said...

That poster website is amazing! I think my printer will be getting a workout soon. Thanks for sharing!