Sunday, August 31, 2014

Scrappy Dog Sunday

Yesterday OMP and I were cruising the stores for Halloween stuff. Yeah, I know it is still early but I can't help myself. I love Halloween!

For the smallest member of the Pedersen Pups, Iggy, I am thinking maybe something with a monkey...

Lola is my wonder woman. She has defied death many times and keeps coming back (maybe she should be a bad penny instead)

Pete is a lady's man. The chicks love this little dude. He also loves to sing the song of his people.Such a rock star!

Oh my little Jujube! My little innocent maiden. (this costume is to DIE for!)

This is what I am planning on for this week. Next week will be something different. I think I need to buy them one for each week in October...and maybe September.


Krissi said...

I need a General's uniform for Abby, ;)

Lisa said...

OMG! Is is wrong that I want to dress up Boswell in that little beer maiden's outfit? I mean come on! That's about the cutest thing ever. Maybe I could train him to bring us pretzels!