Friday, August 14, 2009

Feel Good Friday

It's Friday! Yahoo! I am ready for rest and relaxation after having way too much fun last weekend at the NW Tiki Kon. It was so awesome to have yummy cocktails and hang out with fun friends.

Thanks for the wonderful peeps over at Kind Over Matter for posting a link to an amazing website-Gives Me Hope. I'm giving your warning right now-have a tissue out! You will tear up over the stories people leave. I love that whenever I have a bad call at work or the news is just getting me down, I can go to Give Me Hope and read uplifting stories. Sure it's kind of sappy but don't we all need that in our lives from time to time?

Are you looking for something to do on August 28th and are in the Portland area? Even if you're not in the Portland area, you can still come on down (or over, or up) to the gala event, Safety In Numbers. Yes, I know it's a few weeks away but you need time to find the perfect outfit and gather your friends together for a wonderful event, awesome auction and help raise awareness for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault survivors.

Now I know that everyone will be at Safety In Numbers but you might be looking for something that really completes the outfit you will be wearing. Well, you need to check out Voodoo Doll Designs on Facebook. She makes beautiful flower hair clips that will look amazing in those gorgeous locks of yours.

When I first saw these shoes I about fell over! Lucha Libre sneakers? Did I die and go to heaven? I love Sewsew-A-Gogo's embroidery and painting and, well, just about everything made by her. Not to mention, she is one of the sweetest sassiest people I know.

Okay, so you have websites to happy cry at, places to go and be seen, things to look good in-what more do you need on a Friday? Fine! I'll give you cute puppies and kittens!

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Daydreams On MountainTops said...

You were right! This was definitely feel good friday bog entry!- (though its sat for me). I LOVE Sew-Sew-A-Gogo's shoes! I just saw some AWESOME Frankenstein ones in her etsy shop! I COVET THESE SOOO! I think I'll make sure to grab the tissue when I visit Gives me Hope ;-) And HELLO~ what a way to end such a sweet blog, with the cutest picture of sweet little babies! Have the best meditative relaxing weekend you can! Thanks for the smiles!