Friday, August 21, 2009

Feel Good Friday!

This week has been trying for a lot of my family and friends which really got me thinking. What does everyone need? What do we really want in life? The only thought that kept coming back was love. Love for our family-both related and unrelated. Now don't worry, I'm not gonna go all "wind beneath my wings" on you, I won't have everyone join hands and sing kumbaya. I think by now you know that's just not me. Good grief, if I had to do that, I'd probably kick my own butt. Now where was I, oh yes, love. Love is what drives us, it makes us feel all warm and snuggily. It provides us with the passion to make this world a better place. It allows us to write silly songs divulging our emotions. So, for all my friends that had a rough week, hell, even if you didn't have a rough week. This silly little love song is for you. You make my life complete.

Okay, you can wipe that tear from your eye. It's time to kick off your shoes and dance around the house. My friend Lori turned me on to Minnesota's NPR, more specifically The Current. This radio station is AMAZING! All you guys in the Twin Cities already know this. You can hear everything from Johnny Cash, Tom Waites to David Bowie. Lots of really good indie music from today and yesterday. I love the fact I can hear The Replacements and Grand Master Flash in one day without changing the station. The Current brings me back to my teenage years, growing up in a college town with great music.

I was cruising around the interweb yesterday and came across the cutest site. is just adorable. Candice DeVille is so sassy! Her style is amazing and she basically loves everything that I do, so she has to be great, right? Sunday is her birthday so go on over and wish her a happy birthday!

I love the way Rectangel describes herself on Flickr, "Chaos hating. Rule enforcing. Curmudgeon.". Hey, at least she doesn't beat around the bush;). Anyhoo, she is a beyond belief amazing stitcher that does beautiful work. I love her pin up girl. The lips are so perfect. She can whip any craft swap into line with just a bat of an eyelash. I gotta respect any lady that can herd cats.

Finally, my friend Eva requested a list of 10 things I am happy about. Here goes the short list.
1. Mark and my puppies
2. My friends
3. Even though my job can be rough, I still have hope in the world.
4. Cheerwine
5. Cooler weather
6. The color pink
7. My friend Kelsey and I laughing about having matching Christmas sweaters.
8. Barney Frank
9. Getting my crafting mojo back
10. You!

What's on your 10 list for today?


Inky said...

1. Bread
2. Braids
3. Clean kitchens
4. Square ice
5. coffeeeee!!!!
6. Project Runway
7. Laundry drying on the line outsitde
8. Puppies and kittens
9. David Byrne
10. Good company


Unknown said...

Aww thanks so much for the love! So glad you introduced yourself so I could find you here on your super cute blog. :)
xx Candice