Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holt Howard's World

I think some of you are beginning to wonder if the only thing I have in my Kitchen are collectibles. That's half true, we do have a lot of stuff in our kitchen but I swear to you, there is a little room for cooking. One collection that we have all through the house is Holt Howard . I am IN LOVE with EVERYTHING produced by this company!

In 1958 Holt Howard was the first company to create and manufacture Pixieware (a concept in deep glazed condiment containers) Each container had a removable head that was attached to the lid and spoon or a fork/spear. Pixieware became a very popular collectible but, like most things, slowly died off in the early 1960's. It had a huge resurgence in the 1990's-I'm sure this had something to do with a new cocktail nation emerging.

I had a little bit of a hard time trying to find out more about the person who actually designed the faces and styles for Holt Howard. What little bit I did find out, it appears that Robert Howard (one of the founding brothers) was the creator of many of the facial expression of pixieware and other pieces.

The Davar Pixie was a popular knock off of Holt Howard. There are several ways to tell the difference. Davar Pixies had flat heads that were a bit thicker, red round noses and all their pieces were flesh colored. The biggest difference were the stripes on the jars. Davar's jars had 4 stripes horizontally while Holt Howard's are vertical. Also, each container has two flesh colored arm handles.

One of Holt Howard's biggest success and most well known collectibles are the Cozy Cats. The cats were either wearing polka dot or plaid scarves. The male is in a blue scarf and the female, pink. I love the crossing of the feet on the little girl and the sly, somewhat bothered look on the little boy.

Christmas was another area that the company excelled in. I have a Santa set with little "cuplets" but there are many different versions, including the winking Santa and the Starburst Santa. These seem a little harder to find. Occasionally you can find the little cuplets around for pretty cheap.

This is such a small snippet of what is out there. They had barware, candle holders, and even pencil sharpeners. Their cute little faces and whimsical designs are just so perfect for any part of your house.

Oh yeah! I wanted to show you what AlwaysInspired and her puppy Merlin sent me today! Isn't it the best! Isn't it the cutest! It loves it's new home with the rest of the collection. THANK YOU!


OMP said...

Just so everybody out there knows - the Cookie Jar and the Salsa dish are NEW!!! Pixieware items from a few years ago. I picked them up when an enthusiast made his own fantasy pieces and made them available for sale.

Unknown said...

That's it! Ruin the fantasy! I knew the salsa jar was new but I couldn't remember about the cookie jar. Who was the person who made them? Do I know this person? Is it you and you just didn't tell me? Is that what you do in the basement all day?

OMP said...

Yes honey - that is what I do in the basement all day - pour ceramics....LOL!

Unknown said...

I'm so on to you!

Kristi said...

I love your collectibles. Pixieware, old or new, is FABULOUS. ♥

AlwaysInspired said...

I love the pixieware! I wish we could find such great stuff in my area. Sadly I only run across those wonderful finds once in a blue moon. Like the little pup on the shoe. ;)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Wonderfully adorable!