Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

I'll fully admit that I am a sucker for cute animals. I can not resist a sweet scrappy face. I just want to give it a big kiss (yes, I am that kind of aunt!). So, when mindboggld on flickr added me as a contact and I saw her pooch Lexi, I could not resist asking for an interview. How can you resist that face? That is 100% scrappy adorable-a-ness!

Lexi,what do you want people to know about you?
I'm a fun-loving pup that loves to dance, shake my tail (which shakes the rest of me), and can be a little spastic when my family comes home - be it after they get home from school or work, or if they just went to the mailbox and back.

If you can have anything in the world, what would it be?
My own car with driver. I love to go for a ride, but couldn't drive cause I have to stick my head out the window for the whole experience. That wouldn't be too much fun if I had to drive too. Plus, I think I might be too short to hit the pedals. Yup, I'd need a driver.

Do you mind if your mom dresses you up?
I'll put up with it cause it makes her happy, but I'd rather wear my birthday suit. It's what God gave me - might as well go with it.. besides.. have you seen how pretty my hair is? Why would you want to cover it up?

What's your favorite thing to do all day?
If I could be with my mom 24/7 I would. When she's home I'm either right beside her, sitting on my pillow in her craft room or trying to get her attention. My favorite place to be is on the couch, on her lap as she embroiders... I like to supervise and make sure she's doing it right.
Do you have a favorite animal movie?
Oh geez! I love animal movies.. Hotel for Dogs is my fave right now, but really - if there's a handsome male dog that'll make me pant, I'm all for watching it!

Finish this sentence.

Happiness is...... digging for moles,finding packages of gum to chew (I prefer minty flavors!), playing keep away with my family, car rides and snuggling. Ooo did I mention I love car rides?

Didn't I tell you? Lexi is adorable! It makes me so happy that she has a wonderful family and a wonderful outlook on life! Thank you Lexi! You get the Lola Scrappy Seal of Approval!

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