Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super Scary Stuff!

Before OMP was OMP, he was Dr. Tongue's 3-D house of Collectibles Toys. As a matter of fact-the majority of people know him as Dr. Tongue. It's only been within the last few years that he has become the OMP. Anyhoo, Dr. Tongue had an awesome toy store. It really was more of a hangout than anything else. If you needed to find anything at all, it was there and now might perhaps be in my garage or basement (if you are looking for anything special, email me-I bet we have it!) One thing that he would never give up is his scary children's board games. I can't think of anything scarier than these games. Okay, maybe bag of glass but that's about it.

The first game is the Canadian Haunted mansion game. It is from Lakeside and was made in the mid 1970's.This is a dimensional game with a cardboard backdrop of the haunted mansion from Disney. The object of the game was to run around the track and try to escape the haunted mansion without being captured by the ghosts. The Canadian version is rarer and the only difference is the box and the instructions are in French

The next game is the Voodoo doll game which was produced in the early 1970's. This game is just creepy and weird! Two players take turns sticking pins into the voodoo doll and when one player hits the right spot the witch doctor pops out of the hut.

One of my favorites is the Ideal haunted house game produced in the early 1960's. This game is fairly rare and is hard to find complete in the box. The game is played upright. The object of the game is to take your peg and go around the house and you win if you reach the attic and get the jewel out of the safe. The spinner is so cool! It's a hooting owl. You pull the lever and it tells you how many spaces to go.

The Green ghost is another Lakeside game from the late 1960's-early 1970's. It is another dimensional game, and should be played in the dark. The board and pieces glow in the dark-which is real spooky! The object is to go around a board collecting different items, such as keys, bat wings (feathers) snakes (rubber bands). This game was reproduced in the late 1990's.

The last game is a Hasbro Marble maze. We have no clue when it was made. We've never seen another one. The object of this game is to hold it in the center and move your marble in the maze without falling in the holes. The game we have in our collection still has the original marble.
The graphics are just way too creepy!

OHHH!!! Scary Stuff kids! Have fun playing and try not to have too many nightmares.


OMP said...

C'mon - quit stretching the truth, there isn't that much stuff left. Well, not like there use to be anyway!

Anonymous said...

We have the exact same marble maze game. It comes out every year around the holidays since the late sixties maybe. We don't have the original marble though.