Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Down with OMP? Yeah You Know Me!

I have so many people ask me who is OMP? What is he all about? I could write paragraph after paragraph about him but I really think it's better to have it in his own words. Without further delay, I give you OMP

What is an OMP?
Well - I have a rather gruff attitude when it comes to life - not much of a social filter, if something bothers me, I say something about it. I rarely hold back (unless you insist). So a really good friend of mine (whom is also rather grouchy at times) deemed me Old Man Pedersen - OMP for short. Kind of the old man that gets after the kids - tells them to get off his lawn type.

You're a drummer, how long have you been playing?

Let's see - I'm 44 now, started when I was 6? 38 years now.

Do you have a website?
Yep I do - thanks for asking. Go to: drumlessonspdx for info on me and my drum studio/lessons.

Are you really that grouchy?

You tell me - you married me? Honestly, it really depends on the situation. I like to think of myself as an Egg Roll - Crunchy tough exterior outside not too pretty to look at but inside? All good, warm and tasty. (hee hee,,,,yes you are-WINK!)

What's your funniest moment with me?

Crap? Why couldn't you just ask me when our Anniversary is? Let's see - funniest? Your going to kill me but the time when Kato fell into the pond and you freaked out and jumped in after him. I came running out of the house and your trying to hold onto the dog and keep your head above water. Then there's me grabbing the dog and then trying to pull you out of the pond and you kept slipping on the sides of the pond back into it. It was scary at the time but quite hilarious now. (Yeah, that was real funny honey, I'm laughing about it now. Flippin' hysterical)

You are an awesome cook, what's your favorite meal?

Thanks honey but I am an average cook, your just a little bias - I just like to make stuff in the kitchen. Always have. My Mom use to sign me up for kiddie cooking classes when I was in grade school. Favorite meal? I would say a good Steak on the BBQ (marinaded in spices and beer), with side of roasted corn on the cobb with a chile pepper/lime/butter rub and a baker with the works! It is not a lot of work and the pay off is amazing! (You thought I was going to give away my Lime/Rum Chicken recipe didn't you? No chance)!! ( Damn! It was worth a try!)

How much do you love me? YES! YOU HAVE TO ANSWER IT!

Well - lets see - I love you more then I have every loved anyone in my entire life. When I met you & fell in love with you - I truly became the luckiest man on the face of the earth!

It's me that's the lucky one! You are a wonderful, generous, beautiful man and I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you. To quote our wedding vows, you are the Boris Karloff to my Elsa Lanchester. I'm your OLP!


OMP said...

Good lord - you've ruined me!!!!!

Colonel Tiki said...

Care and Feeding of your OMP. :)

Batgirl said...

Can the OMP be cloned? The midwest needs an OMP. least a cryogenically frozen OMP head. Something? Work with me here.