Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andrea is One Bad Bird.

I first saw Andrea's work on Craftster and was completely blown away. She had just finished her doggy embroideries and I was having a fit over them. She is an incredible artist and has amazing razor sharp wit.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?
I am a slightly dumpy, 46 year old woman. I look like a
mommy. I relate best with artist, crafters and teenagers.
I don't have any tattoos because I can't think of a image
that I would love to live with for the rest of my life, but
I like tattoos. My version of porn is doing needlework
while watching Dirty Jobs and hoping that some how Mike
Rowe's shirt might come off.

How did you get started doing embroidery?
My friend Jean and I made a quilted house for a art
installation. I did most of the furnishings for the house,
chairs, rugs, etc.., and Jean worked on the fabric walls and
ceiling. Jean needed help with the embroidery on some of
the walls so I volunteered. I did a horrible job but I
really enjoyed it. Jean kept saying that as long as your
stitches where consistent that was good enough.

What or who inspires you?
I am a art leech. I suck up anything I like from every
ones artwork. I keep a large collection of images from
various artists to inspire me. I like folk art, outsider
art, and history. There are usually elements of all three
in my needlework. When I need inspiration I look to the art
of Harriet Powers (she only made 2 quilts that we know of),
Bill Traylor (exslave outsider artist), Ida Applebroog
(contemporary artist), Kiki Smith (contemporary artist) ,
and Jane Sassaman (quilt artist).
Music is very important when I am creating. REM, Beck,
Cake, Modest Mouse, Los Lobos, and the Talking Heads have
helped me make a lot of art.

Do you have a website?
Ya know I do!

What does the future hold for you? Any shows coming up?

I love designing embroidery patterns and I will definitely
be producing more to sell at my Etsy store. As for actual
needlework, I try not to put to much pressure on it. My
needlework is for my peace of mind. My paintings are my
hardcore side, my art prints (at my Etsy store) are my fun
side, and my needlework keeps me sane.

I will be showing at the Escondido Municipal Gallery,in
Escondido, Ca. , during the month of December. I'll be
showing my prints and some needlework.
I am planning a show at Galleri Urbane in Dallas. This
will be my paintings. This show will probably be in
February and if all works out it will have a Valentine

I would love to do a book with my embroidery designs. I
thought this would work well if I can find a partner that
likes to make sewing projects. I have no clue in regards to
sewing things together or making patterns for clothing,
aprons, etc...

Bonus questions: Favorite and least favorite colors.
Favorite: Pink. Because it's very feminine and candy like.
Pink can make other colors pop.

Least favorite: Purple. Can't seem to get the hang of using
purple. Something about it doesn't work with my brain. If
I do use purple it's usually in very small bits

 We're twins! I love pink and dislike purple too! Yeah us! This is only a small sampling of Andrea's beautiful and eerie work. Make sure you head over to her website and check it out. She also has free patterns to download. AWESOME! See ya over there!


Glenda said...

"My version of porn is doing needlework while watching Dirty Jobs and hoping that some how Mike Rowe's shirt might come off." -- That cracked me up & I totally relate!!

Love Andrea's stuff; enjoyed this interview.

Kyra said...

Lovely pieces! Also noticed the Harriet Powers comment. I just published a book on Mrs. Powers and uncovered evidence that she stitched at least FIVE quilts - including a lost 1882 Lord's Supper Quilt!

Best, Kyra

Unknown said...

thanks for this interview. i love the stuff she makes and her blog posts.