Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Lowdown on I Sew Cute!

Craftster is so wonderful for making new friends. I met ISewCute on Craftster and was instantly impressed by her crafty skills but it was her sweet nature that won me over. She is an amazing! 

Who is Isewcute? What is she all about?
Born a week before Christmas in the 1970’s to a cobbler &
former teacher, I grew up in a log cabin in the Maine woods.
We didn’t live very extravagantly, but never went
without…so my creativity was nurtured as I learned to
entertain myself.
My mother & Nana both sewed, baked, knit, & made crafts
from kits they’d bought from the Mary Maxim catalog. I
watched them & learned from them.
In grade school I was the quiet dreamer who got in trouble
for doodling cats and mermaids in the margin of the paper
rather than taking the math test.
Lucky for me I had a fabulous art teacher who pointed me
towards art school rather than business college as my
school’s guidance counselor suggested. After 4 years of
that & year of figuring out what I wanted to do with my
life, I went back to school again for toy design. I
freelance as a toy designer now & have worked for Hasbro,
Mattel, Learning Curve, & Gund.
I’m a big kid at heart. I watch cartoons, make stuffed
animals, & play with dolls & thankfully have a couple of
little kids…so it doesn’t seem weird to folks who
don’t know me that well!
I fell in love with a toy-boy who is the ying to my yang &
we’ve been married for over 10 years now. I can’t
believe how fast time flies! Now I live in a little house in
the southwest corner of Ohio, raising my kids…nurturing
their budding creativity, keeping connected to the outside
world via the internet, & listening to music while staying

You do so many different crafts-do you have a favorite?
Drawing is my favorite thing to do, but I’m interested in
so many dang crafts sometimes I feel as if I’m being
pulled in several directions at once. It’s a true case of
so many crafts & so little time. I go where the passion
drives me. I can’t explain it other than one day I’ll
wake up & just ‘have’ to knit or paint something. It’s
like I've got to get that out of my system.
At the moment I’m loving everything embroidered &
attempting to finish a cross stitched realistic portrait of
a kitty for a friend. After cleaning out my craft room the
other day, I came across a retro xmas stocking that I need
to finish for my daughter. I love to be busy making
something… anything. It’s all good & I’ve never met a
craft I didn’t like!

I love your resin pendants you do. Is there a special
trick to working with resin?
Thank you for the sweet compliment! I think resin is one of
those things you’ve just got to try & see what works &
don’t be afraid to fail. The main thing is to work in a
well ventilated room…or wear a respirator. Your resin
should be room temp. or a little warmer. Cold resin
doesn’t mix as well & makes more bubbles. Stir your
mixture very well while scraping the sides & bottom of the
mixing cup. Most folks I’ve advised had problems mainly do
to poor mixing. Don’t get discouraged if you botch a
batch. Happened to me too when I was learning…just try try
again. If anyone has any questions…then go to one of the
resin threads on craftster & someone (wink-wink) is sure to

Any advice for the masses?
Do what you love, never stop playing, enjoy your life, &
relish the little things. Keep things in perspective. If you
have your health, family, & friends …& can find some time
to do something creative… then you have a lot to be
thankful for.

Do you have any shows coming up? A website or blog?
No plans at this time for a winter season show. I do have a
book idea in the works that has been put on the back burner
for now…but I’ll be sure to shout it from the
mountaintops when it comes out.

As far as websites: I’m on craftster as ‘I Sew Cute’
…I blog here: …& sell my
little treasures here:

Bonus questions!
Favorite flavor and least favorite flavor?
Favorite flavor may be Grandma Sanders’ handmade hard
candy in sassafras or cinnamon. I’m crazy for cinnamon in
Least favorite… perhaps chicken livers or oysters. I’ll
only eat them on a triple dog dare!

 EWWW! I don't blame you. Those are gross! ISewCute is such a wonderful person. She is talented, caring and a all around nice person. I would personally love to thank her for her donation to the crisis line I work for.  She brightens the day with her generosity and warm heart. I'm glad to call her a friend.


* said...

i've seen some of her work, how adorable. nice interview.

AlwaysInspired said...

Awww! I'm swapping in the IYP with I Sew Cute! She's a real doll! wink wink ;)
And now I have to make her a Birthday gift!