Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

Oh my goodness! Can it be true? Another adorable Boston Terrier named Gus? That's right! This Gus is a little bundle of awesome. He has excellent taste in music, people and style.  Let's see what this little man is all about.

Who is Gus? What is he all about?
You cannot put a label on Gus.  Gus is everything Gus aspires to be.  Gus expects only the best from Marbles and Parbles (mom & dad) because Gus deserves it. Gus is a collector of toys and toilet paper rolls. Gus doesn't over-do it because Gus' motto is "leave em wanting more".  Gus refers to himself in the 3rd person.

What was your best day ever?
Marbles & Parbles probably think that it was the day they brought me home but it's really any day that Marbles and Parbles are home sick.  We both sleep late and they'll cook me an egg.  And then we sleep some more.

How do you handle the heat?
In style...

How do you feel about your new brother?
Who???  He is NOT my brother.  He just lives here and if he keeps walking off with my Nylabone there WILL be trouble.

Bonus Question:
My favorite band is.....

Whatever band drops food on the floor.

Gus is a must for people like us (yes, I have been dying to say that). He is a sweet little spit fire that will warm your heart while he's stealing your porkchop and this is why we love him. 


Unknown said...

Gus is poised to be an internet sensation after 2 years of being a household sensation.

We're a fan of all of your scrappy dogs. Miss you guys.

* said...

i just want to bite him, he is so cute.