Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'll Drop You A Line

I love old letters, cards and particularly post cards. I love reading about people's adventures on vacation, moving to a new town or just going to college. My collection of postcards range from 1890-1950

I wish I knew the humor behind these three. The girl in the last one is so cute. 

I love anything with dogs and these are just too much.

Christmas, Valentines and Birthday postcards

In gift shops you could find postcard books. I really wish Santa Land was still around and exactly the same as the above picture.

The Glitter on the Valentine is glass. The Christmas one is so beautiful.

These are just a few of boxes and boxes I have upstairs in my office. I usually find them at Estate sales and have never paid over a dollar for them. I'm sure if I really, really wanted one I might pay a little more but you can pick up beautiful little pieces of art for barely nothing. One day I will try to frame them, hee hee, yeah right and pigs will grow wings and fly. 

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negrefluix said...

some of them are very nice indeed. i particularly like the "boise" one. Nice!