Friday, November 6, 2009

Feel Good Friday!

Another Friday, another way to feel good (keep it clean out there people!). The weather is cool and it's time to hunker down for the holiday season. I look forward to visiting with friends, warm drinks and making happy memories.

Speaking of memories. I love old radio shows. They are perfect for sitting and stitching. Everything from comedies like George and Gracie (my husband swears I'm Gracie) to tales of the unknown like Lights Out! So many of the movies made during those days are from radio shows. I also love listening to Swing music on these station. They will take you back to a time when things weren't always necessarily better but a little more simple and pure. One radio show that I love at Christmas is Cinnamon Bear. It's a great story for children of all ages. Two websites that I love for old radio shows are Relic Radio and Radio Lovers.

These look good enough to eat. CozyMemories does so many cute crafts and takes amazing pictures. Just so adorable!

So I started reading PamKittyMorning and not just because A)my name is Pam or B)most of the people in the crafting world also know me as Kittykill or KittyPam or C)she is also on the west coast but D) all of the above! She is a quilting queen!

Looking for sweet crafty goodness for the holidays? I recently discovered Lollishop. I love the banner-A frou frou friendly markeplace. Hee hee! That's right up my ally! I love these little girls from Sadie Lou Who. So stinking cute!

Deep breath...Don't you feel better? You've got pretty things to look at, some good shows to listen to and awesome blogs to read. What more do you want? Oh, I see...that's the way it is. FINE Here's a cute animal picture to get you through the day.

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.-Anne Frank


Giggly said...

That's is my favorite bunny picture ever! I love reading your feel good posts. :)


Hybrid Hopes said...

Those felty cookie things do look delicious. At first glance, I thought the stitching was icing.

TheMistressT said...

This post even makes for a feel good Saturday. I'm looking forward to looking into those radio show links. Thanks!

Say good night, Gracie. ;)

* said...

Nice post for the weekend.

* said...

Nice post for the weekend.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hi !
hey, thanks so much for featuring my gingerbread biscuits on your blog, that's so kind ! :)
Happy Holidays !