Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kubrick, and I'm not Talking Stanely

Kubricks were invented by a Japanese Company by the name of Medicom Toy over ten years ago. There are so many different types that have been produced it is impossible to have them all (week not really - if you have a TON of cash).

There are regular boxed series of Kubricks that are released as seen here with Universal Monster. There are two different series' shown. These were sold in what are called blind box assortment. All the boxes in the case look alike and you take a chance on what figure you get. There were also special items or chase figures included in the boxes. The coffin and operating table are examples of these, as well as different figures as seen in the two different Invisible men.

Kubricks were also sole in little sets based on certain movies or characters, were you could get lots of accessories to make your own little Kubrick world. Planet of the Apes, Resevoir Dogs, just to name a couple, were produced in Kubrick form.

Bearbricks are a whole different monster. Also made by Medicom Toy,they are little bears that are painted up in different fashions beleive there are like 18 different series out now). There are different types of bears in each assortment: Basic (plain colored Bear with a letter on it - get all 8 and spell Be@rbrick), Pattern (a basic pattern all over the bear like the blue pinstriped bear in the pic),Jelly (a clear colored bear), Flag (a different flag from around the world - see the Russian Bear in one of the pics), Horror (like the glow in the dark electrocuting bear in the picture), Science Fiction (like the two in the picture that are basically Bubo the owl from Clash of the Titans and the one next to it is Maria from the movie Metropolis), Cute (name says it all) and Animal (once again...). There were also randomly inserted chase bears per assortment. Making the
chase for all of them in the series mind numbing.

So, if you have a ton of money to spend and a lot of time on your hands-go for some Kubricks. As always, I prefer to pick what I like and not worry about getting everyone I can. That would just make me go a little crazier than I already am.

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