Monday, October 11, 2010


Last week I wrote a post about monsters and my sister from another mister, Becky asked about zombies. Now of course I can't disappoint my sister, so Becky-this one is for you!

There are three reasons I love zombies:
1-They love you for your brain
2-Zombies don't leave, they can't move too well and they may have lost their legs.
3-The love to go shopping! Hello! Original Dawn of the Dead!

Starting off with a little appetizer we are serving up Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. OMP is a huge fan of this movie and I have to admit, I am too. Even though the special effects are strictly "C" grade (using a waving flashlight beam as a flickering firelight) the story is all "B" baby. A theater troupe decides to go to a remote island, do a little "druid" ritual and dig up their dead friend. Little do they know that their buddy is all zombiefied  and the rampage begins. The zombies are the one thing that the producers didn't skimp on-they are truly terrifying and extra gooey.

Now we get to the main course. I'm not really sure why zombies have to be SS soldiers. Sometimes they seem to go hand and hand ala Zombie Lake and Dead Snow. Shockwaves is the best of the Nazi Zombie movies. Yes, for some reason there is a genre. Anyhoo....Shockwaves has Peter Cushing in it and that makes me very happy. A yacht crashes off the coast of Florida thus summoning the zombies and the nibbling of brains begins! I'm still unclear how the nazi zombies ended up in Florida but hey-I can suspend belief for 2 hours.

Oh my goodness! We've made it to the dessert! Versus is probably one of the best Japanese zombie movies out there. You have gangsters, a resurrection forest, and lots and lots of blood. So much blood.  Oh wait! Did I mention the samurais? No, I am not kidding. A prisoner escapes and heads to the forest with a little cutie only to fight off gangster and zombies and have flashbacks of being a kickass samurai. It's a crazy combination that works brilliantly.

All right all you fans of the undead. I could go on for hours and hours about crazy zombie movies. It truly is one of my favorite genre. The one thing that I am going to say is shamble on down to your favorite video store and rent these three awesome flicks.


Danièle said...

Thanks for these great references. I shall check out the last 2 you mentioned. And I did love Dead Snow, and I am sure someone has written something about SS zombies, there has to be an analysis of this on the net.

Becky said...

Oh thank you my darling Sister from another Mister!!! I have never seen the 1st and 3rd and it has been a really long time since I saw the SS Nazi movie!

Last year I baked a Brains cake for the annual Halloween in the Cul-de-sac Party. Picture of it here

* said...

Zombies are the best. I usually dress up like one every Halloween.


RubyMarilyn said...

We just hit a pretty epic zombie pub crawl last weekend in Minneapolis. Perhaps as many as 13,000 zombies in one place. These movies would have been a great warm up to the night!