Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a Virtual Yard Sale!

I'm doing a little fall cleaning and decided to give you the opportunity to buy some of my wears. These are just a few things and in the coming weeks I will be doing some more cleaning and selling.

How can you purchase these wonderful things, well let me tell you.
If you want to buy something you must:
1-post a comment on what you want-claiming it.
2-Email me that you are interested in purchasing it. In the email include your address so I can figure out the shipping cost. I will let you know the exact amount and the paypal account to transfer funds to.  My email address is
3-Once I receive payment, I will ship the item out to you.
4-Payment must be made within 24 hours after me telling you how much the cost is with shipping. If I do not receive payment within 24 hours of that time-the item goes to the next person.
All sales are final-just like a regular yard sale. You will pay for shipping to your destination. I will try to get the lowest price but I demand that I get you a Delivery Confirmation number.

First...Boots and heels.
 These are vintage camel color boots with cute stitching on the calf and the toe. They are scuffed on the heel and slightly on the toe, but it really adds character. Size 6.5. Cost $20.00

Black riding boots-pleather. Zippers up the side and laces in front. Slight scuff on toes. Worn twice. Size 7. Price $20.00

Black and white pleather cowboy boots. Worn twice. Size 7. Price $20.00

Hot pink go-go boots. Size 7. Worn one time. Price $20.00

I love these strappy heels but I have never worn them. They are a size 7. I believe the heels are 2 or 3 inches. Price $10.00

Now for the clothes!

Green mini dress with white polka dots. You could totally rock the Marsha Brady with this dress. Size 12/14. Price $10.00
Pink seersucker see through dress. Would definitely look cute with a slip underneath it. Size 14. Price 15.00

 Blue 1960's girl polyester shirt. I really love the texture. Size 10/12. Price $ 10.00

 Super hot pink nightgown and robe. PERFECT for a honeymoon night. It is in perfect shape. Size 12/14. Price $20.00

 Beautiful vintage navy dress. In perfect condition except for slight worn stains in armpit area. This can be taken care of by cleaning it. I love this dress so much but my chest just won't fit into in anymore. It is a size 10/12. Price $40.00

Cute little swing jacket. Navy blue. Missing top button. Size 12/14. It would look really cute with the dress above. Price $15.00

The Easter Egg sweater. I use to wear this sweater a lot in the spring time. It looks so cute with a pair of cuffed jeans. In excellent condition. Size large. Price $20.00

The 70's called and they invited you to a swinging party. I can just picture someone wearing this with their Farrah hair going on. In excellent condition. Size 12/14. Price $20.00

Cute psychedelic pink blouse. This baby is bright! Some hem work needs to be done but no holes or any other damage. Size 12. Price $10.00.

Oh yeah! 1970's wheat shirt. Ya gotta love the polyester style. Size 12/14. Price $10.00


Becky said...

Fantastic prices Pam! My feet and my butt are too big :(

Kim A. said...

Pam, several of the clothing items look pretty awesome & might fit me-- the green, pink & navy dresses especially. I'll shoot you an email!

* said...

My feet are sadly a 8.5 and your size is a bit smaller than me in the tops.
Everything is very very nice and I wish I could purchase something!
Rats! :-(