Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

I'm so excited that Halloween is almost here. Have you gotten your costume yet? Lola, Pete and Jujube are all set for a night of barking at every trick or treater that comes our way. Just in case you haven't picked out a costume yet for your little beastie-here are some ideas.

There is no escaping how wonderful this costume is. Get it wonderful...wonder woman...Hello? Is this thing on?

I got a rock

Wait, this is a costume? At Casa de Pedersen, it's just another Saturday night.

It's Schmo, the outlaw cousin to Comet. He's not invited to the Family Christmas party anymore since the Baked Alaska Incident.

Well, as you can see there are many options for you buddies. They are silly, others are scary and some are just plain weird.  Just remember this Halloween to keep chocolate away from your pups, make sure they don't eat the glow sticks you attach to them when they go trick or treating and last, and this one is crucial, don't ask for a trick, dogs are notorious for being tricksters and unless you want your house TP'd or something left on your doorstep that smells-give them a treat and a hug too-cause everybody needs those. 


schinders said...

dog costumes are one of my favorite parts of halloween!

Becky said...

Our Petey the 13 Year old Boston Terrier has 2 costumes in addition to his other clothing. I made him a darling red sequined Devil suit for his very first Halloween and he has a Pirate hat that he can wear with any of his t-shirts.

* said...

lol, what great doggie costumes, I especially love the pug in Wonder Woman.