Friday, October 2, 2009

Feel Good Friday!


It's time to get your bootie shakin'! It's Friday and that's always a good thing!

So, I don't want OMP to get a big head but he has excellent taste in music. Every time he has me listen to a new band I usually say I'm not that interested but then I listen to it a few more times and BAM! It becomes my new favorite. For example-The Hives. At first I was like, "yeah whatever" then OMP  made me go to their show and now they are probably my favorite band. This also happen with 44 Long. They are a local band from Portland who have an infectious sound-mixing Driving and Crying, The Replacements and Wilco all in one. They don't play as much as they use to but when they do, GO SEE THEM. You will not be disappointed with the music or the banter. Once again, OMP did not steer me wrong.

For all you bird lovers out there. You should really check out The Fat Finch. They have everything for your bird needs. Right now I am loving the vintage bird dish. Hint's not to far from Christmas...helloooooooo,.....

Speaking of the season. October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness month. Make sure that you or that consenual close friend are having and giving home breast exams. There are so many little things that you can do to promote healthy safe lives. Get involved with something in your community or help out at PWCL's 700@ 7 campaign. Your $ 7.00 a month will help save a life, provide safety, and give that person a compassionate  to listen (that's where I come in!)

I love this little guy. This is just a little sample of the amazing and super duper cute embroidery that Kunderwood does.

So, normally I put 10 things that make me happy here, well, I don't want to bore you this week so instead I'm giving you 10 things you can do for yourself without ever needing a reason why.
1. Take the day off
3. Celebrate how fabulously brilliant you are.
4. Take a chance.
5. Love, accept, and respect yourself exactly as you are and understand that your opinion of you is the only one that counts.
6. Treat yourself to something that can be described with one or more of the following words: sparkly, yummy, divine, rich, adventurous, adorable, posh, sexy, beautiful, fun and exhilarating,
7. Realize that demand can be an okay thing for you to do.
8.Spend time with the person who matters most in your life.
9. Dance and sing
10. Be a brave, brilliant and beautiful inspiration.

Ahhh,.....I'm ready for the weekend. Have a happy Friday and an amazing weekend. Of course, cause I can never resist.

Trader Pup and Genna's pup. Thanks Elicia

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