Friday, October 30, 2009

Feel Good Friday!

Thank you Bronwen for the picture. I'm not sure who's this little boy belongs to but the picture cracks me up. 

Another week in the can! I am ready for some Halloween fun. Yahoo! Let's get the festiviites started. Scary but cute costume-CHECK! Candy that only I will like incase we don't get any trick or treaters-CHECK! Scary places to go-CHECK!

If you are in the Portland Area and want some history mixed up with your haunting. Check out The Lone Fir Cemetery tours. For only a $5.00 donation you can take a brisk 45 minute walk and learn about the unsavory characters that make up Portland's history. I went last year and it was awesome!

So let's say that you have decided to stay home and want to make some last minute decorations. Look no farther my friends than Craftster's new videos. You can find them in several places around the internet and if you look real close, you can see a familiar face.

I LOVE this little monster by melissastanley727. Her stitching is crazy!

Allsorts  has the cutest blog . I can spend hours over there looking at some many different ideas, stitching, and pictures. It's just all around greatness. I think I might want to be her when I grow up. If you want some truly awesome Halloween ideas, check out her Halloween Blog

Hopefully these things will keep you out of trouble for the next week. If I know you guys like I think I do, I should be expecting phone calls from the police or other mothers around town telling me to come pick you up.Troublemakers!

Happy Halloween!


Giggly said...

I love your Crafster videos! The wreathes are adorable. That little Nacho Libra is fantasteek!

Unknown said...

I love your video!!!!