Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let the Halloween Fun Begin!

It's October 1st! Only 30 more days until Halloween! YES! I am so excited! It's one of my favorite times of year and really starts my holiday season. My husband and I have an enormous collection (well, mainly OMP) of Halloween goodies. He has been collecting Halloween stuff for over 20 years.   This week I'm starting with some of my favorite plastic candy containers.

The above snowmen are probably my very favorite. They are from the 1950's and made by Tico/Rossbros. This company made Christmas figures and used the same mold but with different colors and stencils. 

The witches are just too cute~ I love the one on a rocket. The witch on riding over the moon is a topper for a cake or maybe came with some candy.

These little pumpkins are also from the 1950's. I believe that they are from Tico also, but I may be wrong.

The cat with the stipes came in several variations as did the big eyed kitty.

These containers are the same but with color variations.

The majority of the containers that you will find are hard plastic so they will have cracks and missing pieces. I personally go for the cute factor and who cares if you are missing a piece here or there. They are fun to look at and great conversation pieces.


OMP! said...

Yep baby - you are correct on the Pumpkins, they are Tico/Rosbro. As a matter of fact other then Union plastics and a couple other smaller companies, most of the hard plastic candy containers were manufactured by Tico Toys/Rosbro.

BTW out there in Cyber ville - if you have any sitting in the attic you don't want, I know a loving home that would cherish them. Hint Hint!

TheMistressT said...

I SO love y'all's Halloween collection, what little I was able to see amongst the hubbub of the party. Color me envious.

AlwaysInspired said...

Ahhhh How I love Halloween! I've never found any vintage Halloween goodies in my area! I so envy your collection! I'm putting up my decor now and just took a break to catch up on the blog!

Hello there! My name is June said...

We've pulled out our fun halloween stuff too! Trying to get into the spirit...but it doesn't take much to get me into Halloween. Any holiday that involves candy is good in my book!