Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

I know, I know, I missed last week's Scrappy Dog Sunday but I have an excuse. A very big excuse, well, actually a little one. A 15 pound excuse name Pete or his proper name Peter. He is our new Min Pin and in one short week he has managed to wrap my big ol' bear of a husband around his little paw. World  meet Pete-Pete meet the world.

Who really is Peter, the Min Pin of Mystery?
I'm just a little guy who has been looking for a forever home. I've had a few homes over the last couple of years and it looks like I found the perfect fit with Mom and Dad Pedersen. I'm Pistol Pete Pedersen! Oh yeah, I gotta give a shout out to my two new sisters, Lola and Jujube. They have been treating me real nice by giving me kisses and letting me climb in the window and bark at the wind blowing with them.

So far, what has been the best part of your new family?
WOW! That's tough question. There are so many great things here. I would have to say, in the evening-sprawling across my new papa's lap with my blanket of the day. There are so many blankets here, it's like a Turkish Bazaar. I also get treats when I go outside and use the bathroom. I try to sneak a few extras in but mom is too smart for that. I also get to go on walks, sleep in the bed with everybody and look out a big window. It's GREAT!

What would you say to other people out there looking for a new puppy in their lives?
I would say give rescue dogs a chance! We're all great dogs and we all deserve great loving safe homes. We will love you forever and give you extra hugs and kisses. It took me awhile, but I finally found my forever home.

What's your view on cats, squirrels and mice?
I am an excellent cat chaser! If mom or dad say CAT then I know to take off running through the bushes and follow my sisters. I'm pretty indifferent to squirrels and mice. They are fun to watch but I'm not sure I want to bring one home to meet the family. I've heard they can be a surly bunch.

Happiness is...
My new home and family.

Little Petey Pedersen, in just a short time you have brought happiness to our house. You are a perfect fit for our family. I can't wait to see what adventures you and the girls get into next.


Glenda said...

Oh Pete, you are a cutie!! What a lucky family, to have you :).

One of these days I will FINALLY get recent snapshots of my own scrappy dogs and share them with you and the rest of the Pedersen family!

amy dame said...

ohmygoodness he is SUCH a cutie patootie!

congratulations you guys, what an awesome addition to the household!

AlwaysInspired said...

Pete is one lucky pup! Glad he has a great new home and a family that loves him bunches!