Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday!

Fall is here and in the Pacific Northwest that means time to enjoy the rain by hunkering down with your favorite person and  your favorite ale. I'm not sure if a lot of you know but we like to partake in a beverage or two in this neck of the woods and beer is our specialty.  While not all of these are local, they do fit the bill for wonderful seasonal beers.

The first beer isn't a taste for everyone but I really like the spicy hint along with a strong hops. Buffalo Bill Pumpkin Ale is a great seasonal beer that is available nationwide. The beer is brewed with real pumpkin, cinnamon and cloves. I haven't tried it but I've heard that if you put a little whipped cream on top it taste like a pumpkin pie.

A local favorite is Dead Guy Rogue Ale. The beer is slightly spicy, a little fruity and very hoppy. It's a wonderful take on a hearty lager. It can be a little thick to some but is still very smooth. Oh yeah, and the cool part-the little skeleton on the bottle glows in the dark.

Moorhouse's Brewery puts out several Halloween and Fall beers. My favorite being the Pendle Witches Brew. It has a nice citrus aftertaste and isn't too heavy. It has a full  malty taste without being overbearing.

Finally, to warm you up on those chilly nights, Centurions Ghost Ale is sure to please. A nice warm dark bitter ale that has a pleasant malt taste. I think if you drank too many of these, it can certainly sneak up and scare the hell out of you.

These are just a few October seasonal beers to get you started. I would suggest finding a type of beer you like, whether is be a pale ale, a dark stout or a Pabst Blue Ribbon and expand on that taste with different breweries. So, pop a cold one, pull the blanket up and stoke the fire, it's gonna be a long rainy season.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot-for those of you in the Southern states. If you want to make OMP happy, first try some Cat Daddy Moonshine-it will take the fall nip out of the air with a cinnamon, allspice flavored brew with a kick . Perfect for those pumpkin hayrides and then if you get the sudden urge, you  can always send him some. The best thing about this moonshine-it won't make you go blind or melt the paint off your house. It's OMP's new favorite.


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Brook said...

pumpkin beer.... WEIRD!!! I still cant get used to pumpkin lattes...

bee listy said...

I don't know much about Oregon beers (although I do love Rogue's Chocolate Stout) but recently i picked up Full Sail's Sessions Premium Black Dark Lager and i LOVE it... and it's really cheap-- $11 for a 12 pack. http://www.fullsailbrewing.com/session-black.cfm

I love beer. Here in MPLS we have some stellar local beers that might be enough to keep me living here.

Chedder Fish said...

I don't know anything about beer other than I like it or I don't.
I had that first pumpkin beer last November on my first trip to Philly. It was yummy!!