Monday, October 19, 2009

I Got A Rock.

I love a good animated movie and Halloween seems to have it's share of them. Some are good for kids of any age while others should only be viewed after dark.

One of my all time favorite Halloween movies is the stop motion animation classic created by Rankin and Bass entitled Mad Monster Party. This campy light take on some of your favorite monsters and some new faces will bring giggles and wiggles for everyone involved. Dr. Frankenstein decides to retire and throws a party to find his successor. There are lots of awesome 1960's songs that will get stuck in your head for days and days. Rankin and Bass are the kings of stop motion and this one does not disappoint.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown isn't necessarily a movie but it is classic animation that has typical Charlie Brown optimism. While everyone is getting candy, he gets the proverbial rock.  The story doesn't center around Charlie Brown this time but instead around Linus and his faith in the Great Pumpkin. The Great Pumpkin will bring presents to good little boys and girls who believe in him. This animation is such a classic that it has been parodied on such awesome shows as The Simpsons. A little side note-I always got presents from the Great Pumpkin. He always had a pair of socks or a toy when I got home from trick or treating. I kind of miss that-maybe I need to start believing again or dropping more hints to OMP.

Another one of my childhood favorites is The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Okay, not so much Mr. Toad (I would always fast forward through that one) but The Adventures of Ichabod is still  one of my favorites. This 1949 Disney cartoon features the voice of Bing Crosby and classic Disney artwork. The story is a retelling of Washington Irving's Sleepy Hollow and although it's light hearted and for the kids, it contains some really scary and amazing art work. 

Three things that I love are Tim Burton, stop motion animation and Johnny Depp. Corpse Bride has all these things and more. If you're not familar with the story, it tells the tale of Victor who is reluctant to get married and ends up hitched to a dead woman. He is transported to the world of the dead, where he spends the rest of the movie trying to get back to the land of the living.

Last but not least is Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit. This movie is just way too cute and for some reason all of Wallace and Gromit movies makes me want to eat cheese...wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Curse of the Were Rabbit ...Wallace and Gromit are out to solve the mystery of the missing veggies in their garden and other gardens around them. The mystery becomes more convoluted when a love interest flutters into the picture.

Well, there ya go! Not very scary but great movies to watch after a long night of trick or treating. Remember to save some candy for the kids and don't give out those crappy boxes of raisins unless you want your house egged (and I do it too! ). Until next week!

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Giggly said...

Oooh, a couple of those I haven't seen yet! Can you believe that? I'm gonna hafta watch them this year. :-)