Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

I know it doesn't come as any surprise that I am a fan of Jack Russell Terriers. They are little beast that can win over your heart in a matter of seconds. So, when my friend Joleen told me about her JRT, well, I just had to find out about the little guy.

Jack, is it true you are a bad boy? I think you might be a little

I'm not all that bad... I just really want to make sure that my domain
remains secure. If that means that I need to lash out at someone to put
them in line, a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. I really didn't mean
to bite that guy, he was just getting a little too close to my mistress.

What's the deal with skunks?
I have killed one and scared off at least 2 more that I know about. I also cornered a giant woodchuck (it was the size of a large beaver) and killed a possum. I don't know why they keep coming in the yard. But Jack is ON IT!

Are you a momma's boy?
I try to make her happy. I watch the house. I do regular perimeter checks.
I eat the bugs when she screams at them. I make sure the garbage doesn't
get too smelly before it gets taken out. I alert her to the comings and
goings of our 'hood. And at night, I keep her warm and safe.

What's your favorite thing in the whole world?
At the end of a long day,if I have been a really good boy, I get to sleep on the bed instead of in my crate. When she finally falls asleep, I crawl under the covers where it is warmer and dream about my next adventure.

Bonus Question
Life is better because...... I love.

Jack, could you be any sweeter? You are a wonderful little protector who makes everyone around you very happy. If you don't watch out, Lola might just give you a little smooch.

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