Monday, October 12, 2009

Ha Ha Halloween!

So I hope that last week's movies didn't scare the pants off of you and if they did-PUT SOME PANTS ON! You're scaring the children, not to mention-it's chilly outside. You'll freeze your bits off!

Now that I have you giggling, it's time to have some Halloween fun with these silly scary movies. Trust me, I know there are a ton of scary movies out there that are hysterical and they don't even try. We're not focusing on those. We are focusing on the rib tickling funny horror movies that give you a little jolt but still make you smile.

The first one is The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. This has to be on the top 10 list for OMP. How can you go wrong with Don Knotts? I don't think you can! Don plays an aspiring reporter who gets a chance to write an article about a haunted house. The catch is, he has to stay in the house overnight. The story makes him a hero in the small town's eyes until the new owner of the house sues Don Knotts for Libel. Not only is the movie very funny, great for kids but also has an amazing soundtrack by Vic Mizzy who was the composer for The Adams Family.

One of my all time favorites is The Ghost of Drag Strip Hollow. This 1959 flick has everything a girl like me loves, hot rods, rockabilly and silly ghost. A hot rod club decides to throw a Halloween party at an old mansion. The theme, come as your favorite monster! The majority of the movie has to do with rival hot rod clubs, pajama party and a creepy dad-the last 15 minutes are the best with silly teens in monsters costumes. Such a great movie! For all you old horror movie buffs, see if you can spot a certain monster that has been seen in other wonderful "B" movies.

I love this next movie. It is perfect in every way. Zombies, great music, humor-that's right-Shaun of the Dead. This movie has become a cult classic in such a short amount of time. Granted, it can be a little bloody, but the one liners and fast pace make up for any severed arms or brain eating you will see. The incorporation of The Smith's Kill The DJ and the news of zombies is priceless-not to mention, White Lines with zombie moans. Awesome! Shaun (Simon Pegg) at first, seems to have things somewhat going for him then his girlfriend dumps him. He realizes that he needs to get her back on the same day the zombies decide to eat more brains. Thus begins the wild ride of getting his girlfriend back, saving his mom and getting a pint at the Winchester while finding zombies at every turn. 

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! I love Tim Burton and he is in prime form with Beetlejuice. It was a time when Winona Rider was so cute and dark and not someone I felt a little sorry for.  Oh my! Did I mention Catherine O' Hara as the mom-priceless! The story takes place in an old house that a quirky couple and their daughter move into. The original owners, who have long since passed away, want the house back the way it was and decide to enlist the help of the ghost with the most , Beetlejuice. Classic Burton set design makes this movie visually stunning to look at. I almost forgot, a young Alec Baldwin before he got a little too angry.

I hope these tasty little treasures have tickled your funny bone and got you into the Halloween spirit. I know I like a little scare and a giggle every once and awhile. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna pop some corn, kick back with the family and enjoy a scary good time.


OMP said...

Top 5 dear! It's just that good!

KelseyP said...

Love it! Also, I heard Paranormal Activity is playing in Portland at the Lloyd Center! Want to go with me? Pootis doesn't want to see it. I need a hand to hold while I pee my pants!

Unknown said...

Great selections! Beetlejuice is so awesome--I love Juno their case worker! Hilarious!
I'm going to have to find The Ghost of Drag Strip Hollow though--Ive never seen that one.