Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hanging around with Alisa!

When I first met Alisa, she was volunteering at the agency I work at. I knew from the first minute, we would be instant friends. We would craft between calls and chat about our love of movies. Alisa is such a rock star!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
By day I am an assistant in an elementary school classroom, by afternoon I work in an after school program teaching elementary school kids how to make, package, price, market bath and body products, and sell them in their etsy shop Sunny Bubbles.  By evening  You can find me either upstairs in my studio sewing, or making a big mess with paper and glue or on the couch with my embroidery or knitting. On the weekends I am hanging out with My husband and our dog  Luna and  kitten Seth.

What projects are you working on right now?
I have recently been reunited with embroidery. I love using old vintage pattern' from the 30's. 40's and 50's. I cannot draw, or paint to save my life, however having the ability to shade and define with thread is something that really amazes me. Next up on the hoop are some vintage pin up transfers I just found on line.

Who/what is an inspiration to you?
 There area few things that have inspired me to be brave and try everything that sparks my interest.The first is  a quote by Pablo Picasso
"I am always doing things i can't do...that's how i get to do them"  
This give me carte blanche to buy a lot of supplies and make big mess, all for the pursuit of trying a new technique or project that may or may not turn out all that well.
Another  huge inspiration is the creative people in my life that make time to  deal with the chaos that life can bring others, be it working with or advocating for adults, children or animals that are displaced, disabled, abused or forgotten , and then are able to come home to their own lives and produce amazing pieces of art  as a way of decompressing.
And also my husband Mark (the best guys are always named Mark) is a ceramics artist by night and has some of the best whimsical sculptures that make me smile.. He's also pretty damn funny!

You do so many different types of crafts-do you have a favorite?
I am quite the crafty magpie, aren't I? Of all the crafty things I do I think the one I do least is my very favorite. I love to collage old Mannequins.  I like the idea taking something that was produced to show women how to fit a certain mold  and turn them into something that  I feel is beauty.  I do admit my studio can be a bit surprising to folks who have never seen it before with all of the headless torsos stuffed in the corners.

Favorite sound
 I love to watch old  movies from the 40's and 50's and the sound men's shoes make when they running on concrete is one of the reasons why.  Think the Third  Man when they are chasing Orson Welles through the sewers.

See! Didn't I tell you she's the coolest ever! If you are lucky enough to meet her in person, than you have met a true friend. Her infectious smile and good humor  will always stay with you.

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