Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I recently had a chance to be a part of another Master Craftster Series over at Craftster. This time I had the chance to demo a Bernina sewing machine. I know, right? I was totally in sewing heaven!

If you checked out yesterday's post, you saw the awesome tie I made Pete. Here are a few of the other projects I made.
Cowgirl pillow

This cowgirl pillow is my favorite! It is a picture of my mom when she was a little girl. This pillow makes me so happy.

Next, I made a bicycle caddy with pockets. It goes perfect with my pink bike, Roxie.
Bike caddy with pockets

I decided to make a tea cozy with this super cute doggy fabric.
Tea cozy and coaster

Last but not least, I made some adorable paper party favors. I think these would be great for all different holiday themes.
Paper party favor
There were some seriously crafty people stitching up some yummy treats! Check out MissingWillow's cupcake tote (which I am totally stealing!).  Abbeeroad is killing me with this super cute roll up dragon road play mat . Rylnn's luggage tags are to die for-they are so adorable. Last but certainly not least-leslieshappyheart's reusable notebook cover, which I decided needs to come live with me. These ladies blew me away with their talent! 

I have caught the sewing bug! I've decided that my entire family is in need of capes! Must get sewing! 


TroubleT said...

What fun! It's almost like Christmas in a sewing machine. LOL

And I love your hair that length. :D

sewphie said...

the pillow is great!

Kendy P said...

I just had to say you look very pretty in that first pic!