Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Can Relax!

OMP says that I can never just relax and sit still. I have no idea what he is talking about. My weekend was relaxing. Here's what I did,

I did a little embroidery...
Mermaid for Erin
Vintage tinted embroidery

I made a word bubble for Pete. I need to know that he's thinking...(please excuse our redneck dog dish. We have to lift Pete's head due to damage to his neck and throat from his bad previous owners)
Pete's talking bubble

I recovered the couch and the chair and made these pillows...

And I baked cupcakes, but I ate them. Insert collective "AAWWWWW MAN"

Oh wait, I also deadheaded the rhododendron, helped OMP in the front yard, planting new flowers and ran errands! Whew! Maybe OMP is right...HA! Yeah sure, OMP right, that's a good one.


LimeRiot said...

You busy bee!! I'm the same way :). Jake always teases me about not being able to just sit still!

I love everything you created. The Pete speach bubble is absolutely hilarious.

Gwyneth Depport said...

you are industrious! which cupcakes did you make?