Thursday, May 10, 2012

Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!

(yes, that is a chicken lollipop, yes I have tasted them and yes, they are disgusting. picture via foodhoe's foraging)

Eeep! Are you just dying to know who won the fabulous clock and wreath? The winner is.....CHARITY! Yahoo! Way to go Charity!

But wait all you sad faces. Cause you guys are so awesome and entered, I couldn't let you just go away sad, so....I will be contacted each of you and sending a cute little surprise gift to you. Will it be vintage embroidery? Will it be one stationery? Who knows, but you guys deserve a little prize for being the most awesome peeps ever!

Now on to more fun stuff! I am obsessed with subway art! The wonderful ladies over at Craftster said to me, "Pam-if you are so crazy about it, how about making a video so others can share in your madness." Well, that's just what I did!

Of course you know the three minions inspired this one.
subway art for Craftster's Quickies

I want to finish this one with pictures of our family.
subway art for Craftster

I treated this one so it can go on my garden gate.
subway art for Craftster's Quickies

Check out the video!


Unknown said...

Yay everyone!! We're all winners!!
As a group, we are unstoppable!! Now go buy a lottery ticket ;)


LimeRiot said...

Oh my gosh, Pam!! That lollipop is so gross looking. I can't believe you were brave enought to try one!!

You're so sweet to spread your awesome crafty love.

I can't wait to watch your new video. Off I go to do just that...

JLVerde said...

Those signs are cool.

That lollipop? Yeah, it's grossing me out.