Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dog For Hire

Dog for hire, willing to work for kisses, treats and ear scratches. Prefers treats over the other two but will take what I can get. Skill set includes, but is not limited to: Barking, eating, sleeping, barking, chasing squirrels, barking, looking cute, barking, hogging the bed and barking. I am fluent in stuffed monkey chasing and have a keen ability to hear someone from 100 miles away sneeze and as an added bonus, I will alert you to said sneeze. If you are seeking a cute, black and tan little dog for all of your pooch needs, look no further, I am your man. Removing the tie is not optional. No windows and no weekends-that Pete's time.

Pete ready for his job interview


Unknown said...

Does he bark though? Cause I'm looking for a dog that barks.
He is SOOOOO cute!!!! I want to smooch his face.

Becky said...

Does he hear Squirrel farts? I'll hire that sweet feller in a heartbeat. Is he willing to relocate?