Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Invasion

Are you ready for SUMMER! I know I am! I need some heat and sunshine! I also need a totally over the top summer blockbuster movie. I don't care what you say, a good mindless movies is just what the doctor ordered for the summertime.

The Avengers have taken the lead in the summer blockbuster race. The great thing about The Avengers, besides Robert Downey Jr., is that the movies is fun, well written and you don't have to be a total comic book geek to enjoy it.

Next out of the gate is Men in Black III. I don't care what you say, the first two were fun. Completely mindless fun! I am a huge Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin fan so I'm excited to see how Josh plays a younger version of Tommy's character K.

I don't care what OMP says, we are going to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunger. Based on the book (although I am not sure how much) it has honest Abe fighting vampires. How can you go wrong with this movie? That's right, you can't.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what's out there this summer. There are a ton of indie movies just waiting to be discovered as well as fun kids' movies. Get out there, support your local theater, sneak in some giant size candy or for more fun, some fireflies and let them go after the previews...not that I would know anything about those last two...

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