Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tie One On Tuesday

I can't believe it was hot in the Pacific Northwest over the weekend. I actually broke out in a sweat! I ran down to my local all purpose store, grabbed an ice cream maker and went behind the bar to mix up an ice cream cocktail.

I love me a good banana split! How can you go wrong with bananas and booze?

Banana Split (via BarNoneDrinks.com)

1/2 oz. Creme de Cacao
1/2 oz. Banana Creme Liqueur
1/2 oz. Strawberry Schnapps
1 splash Pineapple Juice
1 scoop Ice Cream 

Combine ingredients in a blender and mix to milkshake consistency.. Top with whipped cream and a cherry…also good with a bit of chocolate liqueur drizzled over the top of the whipped cream. I think I need one of these RIGHT NOW!

 In my part of the world, we get a lot of mudslides. They are kind of freaky! It's not okay to see the ground sliding in your direction. This mudslide will just make you feel like you are sliding down, down, down...

Mudslide Milkshake
1 oz. white rum
2 oz. coffee liqueur
1 splash chocolate syrup
1 cup vanilla ice cream
Blend all ingredients together with chocolate syrup to taste. Pour into a glass and serve with a little drizzle of chocolate syrup on top. 
Wake up people! WAKE UP! Am I losing you in my summer ice cream fun? Well then, drink this and be WIRE-D!
 Tipsy Affogato
1 pint vanilla-bean ice cream
1/4 cup espresso
1 oz. hazelnut liqueur
Divide ice cream among four tumblers. Pour coffee and Frangelico or other hazelnut liqueur over ice cream in each glass and serve.
There ya go my little rays of sunshine! 3 yummy ice cream cocktails to get your motor running and cool you off at the same time. I'm off to go check on my homemade ice cream-I'm so happy! 



Unknown said...

I must tell you AGAIN that I absolutely adore your craft videos. At the moment I can't figure out how to make the volume on my speakers work, but I watched anyway. You have the best hand movements, and I can sort of read lips. Your signs are super, your pup is adorable, your stitching is to die for - what can I say. I'm your number one fan! Always, E

Unknown said...

Hello! I just left a comment on a post somewhere.... but I find I just had to come back to exclaim, what a cute idea for a wreath - the clothes pins! You absolutely have the best ideas! Thanks for all you share! E