Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scrappy Mom Sunday

It's Mother's Day and you have two choices, I could get all sweet and sentimental and make you cry or, in my true fashion, I could show you cute pictures of dogs with hysterical comments. Which do you choose? The cute doggy pictures with hysterical comments-wise choice. 

This is Lola, she is the mother of Jujube. I sometimes refer to the mother and daughter duo as a functional Grey Gardens. Neither one of them like that too much. 

Lola has a problem with instant gratification (as most of us do), She wants her toy now! I like to take my own mother's view point about instant gratification: Instant gratification is like peeing on yourself in the middle of winter. Sure, you are warm for a few seconds but then after that, you are wet, cold and peed on. Is that what you want? Well, that's what instant gratification is, wet, cold and peed on, now get back to work and work hard for what you want.

Lola is a dog and doesn't care about my instant gratification story.

Did I mention that she really wanted that toy?

We now have three toys buried, unburied and buried in the backyard. None of this has anything to do with Mother's Day except for my pee story. 

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Becky said...

Lots of sloppy kisses doggie kisses are the best for Mommy's Day! I bet your Mom had poop stories too. I have bunches.