Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going Bananas

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. Now nightmares are scary enough, but trying to explain your nightmare is even worse! They never sound as scary and you just can't convey the fear you had. 

Me: I had a horrible dream last night
OMP: Oh, baby, what was it about?
Me: Well, there was a ghost in the house and he pinched my butt.
OMP: That was no ghost. 
Me: No! Seriously! It was scary! The scariest part was that the ghost shut the door and when I opened it, he was standing there and I was scared. 
OMP: What did the ghost look like?
Me: He was wearing a ghillie suit with a gorilla mask over it. 

Dead silence....

OMP: A ghost, in a ghillie suit and a gorilla mask.
Me: YES! I was scared! 
OMP: Again...a ghost, in a ghillie suit and a gorilla mask.
Me: I don't think you understand how terrified I was.
OMP: What were you scared of? That he was gonna steal our bananas? 
Me: You know how precious those bananas are to me.
OMP: Obviously...

(for the record, this is a ghillie suit)

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LimeRiot said...

That sounds scary to me, Pam!