Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aw, You're a Doll!

A lot of people find dolls pretty creepy and granted some of them are  but I still love them. They take me back to a time when I was a little girl . I loved making up little stories for them and making differnt outfits for the daily lives. They had the adventures I couldn't have at five.

I love this doll so much. It reminds me of my mother when she was a little girl.  
These lovely girls are from a Meyer and Frank Back to School display 

I LOVE Blythe! This is not an original. I don't think I could possibly afford one. My friend Linda made her a bunch of clothes but I can't possibly take this kimono off of her-she looks way too sweet. I love that her eyes turn different colors and that they change direction.

Another popular doll that is on the same line as Blythe is a Pullip doll. They have different costumes and themes. She is a gothic Lolita. I have several of them but she's my favorite. 

I found these two in St. Augustine, Florida. I'm not sure what their history is but I love their faces and hands. They have been moved around so much that their dresses are kinda beat up.

Gene is my ABSOLUTE favorite doll EVER! She is a 1940's pin up actress that came with different outfits and stories. The original doll comes with corset.
I really wish I could show you all of my favorites but then there would be pages and pages. Doll collecting can be a scary world to venture in. There are a lot of  very serious people out there. Like I always say, have fun with it. Collect what you like.  It doesn't matter whether it is new or old or missing a shoe. It's your collection and you can do what you want, cause I said so!


amy dame said...

i'm so tempted to buy a pullip or a blythe, but i know i'll get all gung ho making her clothes for about six months and then get tired of it! the pullip's are definitely my favourite though, i LOVE your gothic lolita!

and i love gene dolls too! her clothes are always so freaking incredible!

Brook said...

WHoa dolls galore!!! what else do you collect??? I saw all your super cute figurines on your flickr... thats what I collect.. little cute figurines.... I don't get blythe... people ggooo crazy over those things and they are snobby about it too!