Thursday, September 3, 2009

Music makes the world go around....

I LOVE records. I'm not talking about eating the most hot dogs or the biggest cupcake(although the biggest cupcake does excite me). I'm talking about good old fashion vinyl records. There is nothing sexier, smoother or down right groovier than the warmth of that gentle hiss you hear when playing a record.  The artwork on albums alone is enough to make me weep for the past. Don't get me wrong, I love the instant gratification of finding my favorite song on my computer but it's so impersonal. Remember waiting for that album to come out, going to the record store,  and becoming all giddy when you got home and had a chance to play it. There's nothing that will beat the feeling of turning on your hi-fi and pogoing to The Clash or trying to woo that special someone with the exotic sounds of Martin Deeny. You just can't get that from an IPod.

Now that I've made you wax poetic about the past. I went down to the record vault (okay, the drum studio where the hi-fi's at) and pulled up some of my favorite yet somewhat sillier albums.

Okay, seriously, I'm not sure what's better-the cover or the fact that the nursery rhymes are done with a "beat".

Herb Albert is ESSENTIAL to any record collection. I have several of his albums but this one seems to be the most popular and you can find it just about anywhere. 

Warriors! Come  out and play! Damn good movie, damn good soundtrack.  I can dig it.

We have a lot of "theme" and holiday albums in the old collection. These are just two of the boxes of Halloween music OMP has. Yep, you are reading it correctly, Alfred Hitchcock put out a Halloween album for young people. I love the art work on both of these. 

I am a huge fan of Christmas music. I love it. These are two of my favorite Christmas time Albums. Hello! Monsters, chicken and Christmas-my three favorite things! Quit rubbing your eyes, you are reading that correctly, it is a Colonel Sanders KFC Christmas album. 

Let's say you want to plan an romantic night with your sweetie. I've got your covered! A little Harem nights topped off with a little party song to undress too. Oh yeah.....

Not only do we collect old rare albums but we still have a lot from our youth. It was a hard decision of which one to feature-The Clash, The Ramones or Repo Man. All amazing bands and albums that still stand up to today's standards. 
A lot of the albums I collect I find at estate sales, thrift stores or yard sales. You can usually find a decent turntable at the same places. I know vinyl records are by the wayside but in the Pedersen household they are alive and spinning. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna mix up a batch of martinis, throw on some tunes and do a little cha cha with OMP. Later Daddi-o

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Hello there! My name is June said...

Oh man! NOthing beats album art... I could stare at various albums for hours as a kid while listening to the records. I remember taking that Alfred Hitchcock ghost stories album out from the library when I was little! You've got quite the collection... the colonel Sanders Xmas album is a real gem! :)