Friday, September 11, 2009

Feel Good Friday!

BLECH! What a craptastic week! Has everyone been having the week from hell? You have? Well, I've got a few things to make you happy at least for a few minutes, let's hope more!

So, I've decided this morning that I need some fun music to get my blood pumping and put a little smile of my face, a little spark in my eye and a spring in my step. Here's my morning mix for you. It is a sure fire cure for anything that ails you.

Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond-Chicks love Neil Diamond. It is a proven fact that if you put on this song, girls will be dancing on the table. I don't know one person in this world that does not like to belt this song out at the top of their lungs and if you don't like it, something is seriously wrong with you. Go to the doctor and get checked out immediately.
Fat Bottom Girls-Queen. Oh Freddy Mercury, thank you for singing a song praising the girls who have a little junk in their trunk.
Rock and Roll all Nite-Kiss. Don't lie, you KNOW you love this song. Everytime it comes on you put your fist in the air and  give it a good ol' horns up!
Tighten Up-Archie Bell. When soul was good and you could dance to it.
20th Centruy Boy-T Rex. This songs makes me dance and wish for the day of English Glam rock. No one did it better than Mark Bolen
Tick Tick Boom-The Hives. Now you know that I ALWAYS praise this band but they really are the best band out there right now. Those Swedes know how to do it. I can put on any Hives song on any given day and instantly be happy. They will make you happy too.

I love this piece from Bookwormbethie. The stitching blows me away. 

I came across this website on my daily surfing of the interweb. Creature Comforts offers daily inspirations, amazing  finds and wonderful downloads. Oh yeah, my favorite part-it's PINK!

Jesse Danger makes beautiful unique jewelry. It's so hard to decide which piece I love the best.

Well, there ya go! Get your butt moving and have a happy Friday. As always some warm fuzzy animals to make you smile. The ears people, look at those ears. Killing me!


TheMistressT said...

This is a great one, Kittykill! I also heard a few always-make-me-happy tunes today while I was surfing the dial in my truck.
Temptations: Ain't To Proud To Beg
Smokey Robinson: Second That Emotion

Brook said...

OMG what is that dog?? it looks like a boston terrier french bulldog mix.... I love it and I need it!!!!