Friday, September 4, 2009

Feel Good Friday!


It's Friday, I'm getting funky! Whoop! Whoop! The weekend is finally here and I'm suspecting Mother Nature is happy about it too cause I saw a huge beautiful rainbow on my way to work this morning through the rain clouds. Thanks Mother Nature! I am so excited about this weekend and not because I have anything planned but because I'm doing absolutely NOTHING but relaxing. I'm also excited about this weekend cause we are planning on getting some good old fashion Pacific Northwest liquid sunshine. I love the rain.

So if you're just itching to do something this weekend, I suggest you start stitching something for the Needlework Challenge on Craftster.  It's crafting for a good causes and there will be prizes. How can pass that up?

Did you know that Sublime Stitching has a new book out? THEY DO and it is awesome! As you already know, I am a huge fan of Jenny Hart and all the gang over at Sublime. Her new book is Embroidered Effects and it gives you a "How To", along with the every popular super cute patterns.The instructions are easy to follow and the book is wirebound so you can lay it down flat while you are learning.  I really think you need this book. You will be supporting an indie designer and making great stuff for yourself. You can't go wrong with that. Maybe make something for the needlework challenge...huh?

I know what you are thinking, "Where can I find that Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox I had in 1981" or maybe, "I really miss my Pee Wee Playhouse colorforms set" well, now there's a place that you can get those things and even more! Check out Dr. Tongue's Toys on etsy! He has all your vintage toys and ephemera needs. Many of you might know Dr. Tongue from his store in Portland, well now he's on etsy's peddling his wares. Stop by his site and tell him he owes me five bucks.

I was cruising flickr and came across these way too cute pins from Pin Pals and guess what! Yep, they have an etsy site too. Check them out! and "Eep" in cuteness! They also have an awesome blog showcasing their talents and their sassiness.

 Whew! I'm spent after all that! I think I'm gonna curl up on the couch, have OMP make up a batch of peanut butter cookies, a cocktail or two or four and watch some bad "B" movies. Ahhhh..what? Oh, okay, here's a cute puppy for your viewing  pleasure. Happy Friday!


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