Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday!

Alrighty then ladies and gentlemen, it is time for another episode in the long running series of blog postings on the wonderful world of mixed drink known as Tie One On Tuesday! Following on the heels of last weeks how to stock your bar for cheap, this week I am going to focus on some essentials tools for your home bar. I said SOME not all, okay? And I am not going to get into the different types of glassware, or we would be here all day!!!!!

First off you are going to need a good old fashion Ice bucket. There are several types available, so pick one out that meets your needs – meaning if you have a lot of people drinking in the house, get a larger bucket. I have always been partial to the one shaped like a Knight Helmet but that’s just me. If it is just you and the Mr. or Mrs., a nice smaller one will suffice. Also – recommended – a  5 gal. Utility bucket (unless you are one of the few that have the privilege of having a “wet” bar – that means a sink there smapte). You will need to dump out the remnants of something or another during your party, binge, whatever, whether it is a bad drink or some melted ice. It makes it easier then running to the kitchen every time. Just don’t forget to dump it – especially if you have wood floors!

Next up - a nice cocktail shaker. There are two different types and you have seen me handle the one here (it is called a Boston shaker – not really sure why?? LOL). It essentially is a larger stainless steel cup and a pint glass. The other shaker is the more conventional type that you have probably seen with the cap and strainer built in. These are much easier to handle and are more catered for home use. Plus if you get one of these you won’t need to get a separate hand held strainer for the Boston (if you like martini’s that is).

Another “need” for the bar is a decent juicer. Having hand squeezed juice at your bar is essential for a really good drink. I use the old fashioned type where you mash it down on the spindle but there are several hand juicers out there (I have just been to busy and poor to go out and get any). There is a nice series of enameled hand juicers that are colored specifically for your citrus of choice – Yellow, Orange and Green. If you need me to tell you what color goes with what then please stop reading this, and go back to living in your parents basement where your mom takes care of everything for you.

Other tools making a successful bar are: small cutting board and a serrated knife (makes cutting the citrus that much easier), various shot glasses (I have two nice vintage ones I use all the time that measures different ounces and give TBS. and tps. conversions on the sides), A cocktail spoon (extra long handle with a small scoop for hand blending certain drinks that do not require a shaker), Bottle/Wine Bottle opener,

That should be everything you need to get up and running making drinks for friends and family. Or for yourself sitting in your darkened basement with the windows blanked out with tin foil, waiting for the aliens or Government to come get you! At least you will be in the right state of mind when they abduct you – you really won’t care!!!!!

Next week – we will be back with more yummy cocktails!!!
Until we meet again - Happy drinking!!

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