Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

This week's Scrappy dog is Margarita. She is the cutest little pupper! She is always well behaved, full of love and a mom or sister to any pet needing a little extra attention. She's kind of like the furry version of Mother Theresa (well, if Mother Theresa was full of sass). Here's a little bit more about my sweet fuzzbutt.

You are such a sweetie, is it all just an act?
Well nobody is perfect, I have my moments especially when Elsa has been mashing my head with a toy for ten minutes or she tries to steal my spot on the bed. My other fault is that I can't resist the lure of people food, if it is in a bowl or on a plate I want it.

What's it like having so many brothers and sisters?

The cats are pretty awesome, they leave me alone except when they want to cuddle. Elsa is a typical little sister, sometimes I really like having her around but she can be such a pest!

What's your favorite song?
Anything by Neil Diamond.

Your best day ever was....
The day that my mom was sick and she stayed home from work and we sat on the couch under a blanket and watched TV all day!! It was B.E. (before Elsa)

Bonus Question
Happiness is.....

A warm spot in the sun!

Margarita, you are such a lover girl! I'm so happy that you are out there. You have a better outlook on life than most humans! Now Scrappy dog fans be sure to stay tune next week to find out what Elsa thinks about her big sister!

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Brook said...

hahaah so funny!! I love the b.e. (before elsa) hahaha check out my flickr our pics are up of Portland!