Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday! Quit Yer Whining!

OMP is a little tied up at the moment trying to find all of our Halloween decorations. I think they may have come to life and attacked. I'll keep you posted. So, in his absence I'm taking over for the day. Today's lesson will be about a good bottle of wine under $15.00. Now I'm not talking about Boones Farm Strawberry Hill or Thunderbird. Give me some credit, I'm a little classier than that, not by much.

I am not much of a white wine person but I know some people are so let's start with Alice White Chardonnay 2006. The $7.00 price tag just can't be beat. It's best with shellfish and white pasta. It has a tropical fruit taste and an unusual dose of acidity.

Mark West Pinot Noir is a great bottle of wine for $11.00. It goes great with chicken and spaghetti dinners. It has a nice cherry, spicy strawberry taste to it.

Lan Rioja Crianza is another great bottle of red wine for $12.00. It goes great with lamb or sausage and has a wonderful earthy taste to it with a hint of cherry and vanilla.

If you are looking for something with a stronger more interesting taste, go for the Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 for $14.00. It has a sweet beginning but a bitter chocolate and licorice after tone to it. It would be wonderfully paired with steak or red meats.

If you are looking for something a little bubbly to celebrate that special day. Well, I have you covered there too! Freixent Cordon Negro Brut is a wonderful sparkling wine at $9.00. Domane St. Michelle Brut is $ 12.00. It is a little sweeter than the Negro Brut. Both go great with smoked salmon and chocolate cake.

If you have a Trader Joe's in your area, Charles Shaw or as all the hipsters call it, "Three buck Chuck" is a nice cheap wine that will do in a pinch. I recommend the Shiraz.

Now, back to the Boones Farm. It goes great with the back of a 1980 Camaro and a randy stud with a mullet. If that's your idea of class then you are in luck. It comes in multiple flavors such as Green Apple, Strawberry Hill and Sun Peak Peach. If you want a little sparkle, definitely try the Tickle Pink. All bubbles and twice as much troubles!

Watching your pennies doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste. Try a few less expensive brands and see which one is the best for you and your favorite dinner. Now, I think I better go check on OMP..he's been in the basement for a little too long.


Becky said...

I am very ig'nernt when it comes to wines. I know I love chianti, Gabbiano is the one I think.

Thanks for making suggestions!

BTW, just saw your namesake movie a couple of weeks ago on the Independent Film Channel. Wow! It rocked! I love craxy, grindhouse movies like that!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Nice choices-I love me some Freixenet, best cheap champaign ever! Domane St Michelle is great too, did you know that it beat all the fancy bubbly like Dom in a blind taste test of the worlds most renowned critics? On that same note, as a member of Sonoma County, I'm proud to say our 2 buck Chuck Chardonnay was also voted #1 a few years ago in a similar taste test. Yay for keeping it real!